Doç. Dr. Av. Aziz Serkan Arslan

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ARİS Law & Consultancy Office

ARİS Law & Consultancy Office, founded by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aziz Serkan Arslan, is a law firm that give service on litigation and provides consultancy to wide range of clients in the field of Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Arbitration, Concordat and Contracts Law, commercial transactions, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, international contracts, privatizations, public and private sector partnerships, private enterprise investments and competition. The main objective of the office is to provide legal consultancy and representation services in accordance with the professional principles, with appropriate seniority and experience specialized in their field, mostly with an academic career, and to provide effective service to its clients.

In the light of academic excellence and research, ARİS Law & Consultancy Office continues to closely follow current developments and jurisprudence in various branches of law, and continue to share its experiences with the business and legal world through academic studies and seminars on the determination, interpretation and solution of the problems.

ARİS Law & Consultancy Office, headquartered in Ankara, can provide services in English and German languages in accordance with global working conditions, and contract, arbitration and litigation processes.